CE Webinar:

Extended Reality in Brain Surgery:
Addressing Current Problems with
Innovative XR Technologies

Presented by: Robert G. Louis MD, FAANS
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This CE webinar will present current problems with traditional imaging during neurosurgical interventions and describe how advanced medical visualization, particularly in the Mixed Reality (XR) simulation space, can solve them.
  • Recorded: January 13th, 2021
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  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Level: Intermediate

Presentation Abstract:

The importance of medical imaging cannot be understated. It plays an important role not only as a diagnostic tool but also a therapeutic and interventional aid. Advances in imaging and medical visualization systems, particularly in the Extended Reality (XR, includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality) space, have also revolutionized physician-patient communication as well as medical education and resident training. If selected, Dr. Louis would present current problems with traditional imaging systems and describe how advanced medical visualization systems can solve them. 


  1. Traditional systems force surgeons to visualize images through radiologist’s point-of-view.
  2. With traditional systems, it is not possible to simulate an operation on a specific patient prior to surgery.
  3. Patients do not understand traditional 2D DICOM images.
  4. Residents have fewer opportunities for hands-on training. Surgical training involves a combination of "live" practice on actual patients and cadaver-based dissection workshops. With increasing oversight and restriction of hours, surgical residents are graduating with less hands-on experience. This translates to higher risk for new surgeons entering practice. While skills can be supplemented with cadaver-based courses, this option has several limitations.
  5. Traditional surgical navigation requires the surgeon to divert their attention from the operative field. 

Advanced medical visualization systems allow surgeons to:

  • View images from the surgeon’s perspective and create a plan.
  • Simulate/rehearse plan and make necessary updates/corrections prior to surgery.
  • Teach residents 3D anatomy and surgical spatial awareness.
  • Explain surgical plan to patients in a more understandable format.
  • Decrease medicolegal risk through more thorough informed consent process.
  • Improve patient retention and loyalty, resulting in program growth.
  • Enhance intraoperative visualization of anatomy and pathology while allowing surgeon to maintain attention without interrupting workflow.

The end result is that both surgeons and patients are better prepared to ensure the operation is performed safely with ultimately improved outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To illustrate how XR can be used across the surgical treatment continuum from patient education, surgical planning , and intraoperative visualization.
  2. To demonstrate the proven value proposition of Extended Reality in helping deliver better patient care and improved healthcare training.
  3. To discuss current problems with traditional imaging systems and how Extended Reality can solve them.

Meet the Presenter:

Robert G. Louis MD, FAANS

Chief of Neurosurgery, Director of the Skull Base and Pituitary Tumor Program &
Director of Extended Reality (XR) Development at the
Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at Hoag Memorial Hospital.
Dr. Robert Louis is the Chief of Neurosurgery, Director of the Skull Base and Pituitary Tumor Program, and Director of Extended Reality (XR) Development at Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at Hoag Memorial Hospital. He also serves as Managing Partner of Neuroscience Management Associates LLC, Principal at Brain Spine MD Consulting LLC, and Diplomate at American Board of Neurological Surgery. He was also appointed Empower360 Endowed Chair for Skull Base and Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery. 
Dr. Louis has expertise in endoscopic and minimally invasive treatment of benign and malignant brain tumors, sellar and parasellar tumors and skull base tumors. Through the use of cutting-edge neuroimaging and neuro-navigational equipment, he utilizes the concept of keyhole neurosurgery, minimizing the damage to surrounding brain, vascular and soft tissue structures.
Dr. Louis has been at the forefront of the development and implementation of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) guidance for neurosurgery and other medical applications. As Director of PFNI’s Skull Base and Pituitary Tumor Program, he spearheaded the deployment of VR and AR across the patient treatment continuum from patient consultation through surgical planning to intraoperative 3D guidance in 2015, which has yielded both clinical and economic value.
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Surgical Theater 
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XR Health
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Magic Leap
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Meet the Webinar Host:

Lance Baily, BA, EMT-B

Founder / CEO - HealthySimulation.com
Lance W. Baily, BA, EMT-B is the Founder / CEO of HealthySimulation.com, the world’s leading medical simulation resource website which supports thousands healthcare simulation professionals a month. As an experienced entrepreneur, digital media producer and administrative professional, Lance has the background and the experience necessary to help guide the healthcare simulation industry to greater levels of adoption.

Lance Baily is also the Founder of SimGHOSTS.org, the leading 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals operating clinical simulation technologies which has organized a multitude of hands-on training conferences around the globe since 2011. His new co-edited Book: *Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology, and Innovative Practice provides 400 pages of in-depth articles supporting the technical integration of healthcare simulation in any sized program.*Affiliate link.

Formerly he served as Director of the Nevada System of Higher Education’s Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas, Simulation Technician for the LA Community College District, and volunteer Fire-Fighter, after receiving his BA in Film and Digital Media Production and working on Hollywood production sets. He currently lives with his wife in Las Vegas with their two young daughters and two crazy dachshunds.
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Disclosures: Founder/CEO/Owner of HealthySimulation.com, Founder of SimGHOSTS.org

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