Improving Teamwork and Event Management with Virtual and Augmented Reality

Presented by: Fernando Salvetti, MPhil, PhD
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Much like being immersed within a video game, this presentation will challenge participants with real cases within complex scenarios that present a more real wealth of information.
  • Recording: March 4th, 2021
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Presentation Abstract:

Interactive visualization by augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into the e-REAL online platform—not within head-mounted displays—can contribute enormously to enhance teamwork during a crisis, fostering situational awareness and contextual intelligence, as well as cognitive retention of essential steps and procedures to be performed during an ongoing crisis. A mnemonic known as Name-Claim-Aim is being used to facilitate crisis management and decision making. AR and VR technology reproduces the mnemonic as well as a variety of different emergent situations, enabling learners to interact with virtual scenarios. Effective team management during a crisis is a core element of expert practice.

After decades’ worth of dedicated simulation education, teamwork experts at the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston, MA, USA (CMS) developed cognitive aids to help facilitate learning of this mnemonic and an “Event Manager” checklist was created to facilitate designating roles effectively.
The “Name-Claim-Aim” mnemonic and the “Event Manager” checklist have been adopted by the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for inclusion on
the latest version of their Emergency Manuals. Our coursework is designed around those tools, enhanced by AR and VR.

AR and VR technology (e-REAL system) reproduces a variety of different emergent situations, enabling learners to interact with multimedia scenarios and practice using as a mnemonic Name-Claim-Aim in a virtual environment. Subsequently, learners rapidly cycle between deliberate practice and directed feedback (RCDP) within a high-fidelity simulation scenario until mastery is achieved. Common RCDP implementation strategies include: splitting simulation cases into segments, micro-debriefing in the form of “pause, debrief, rewind and try again” and providing progressively more challenging scenarios.

Method of delivery:

During the first part of the program, learners are requested to be compliant with the “Name-Claim-Aim” mnemonic in order to manage the crisis by coordinating the team roles and efforts. The interactive videos that they are shown feature unexpected clinical or non-clinical, emergent scenarios, including extreme, dangerous environmental threats. During this further module participants are expected to understand that visualization, if linked in interactive ways to the learners, allows for the better use of the neural processes and for better learning and meaningful behavior change. So they are expected to understand how to design situations requiring rapid intervention, team communication, knowledge sharing, effective decision-making and management of unforeseen events—taking into consideration critical contextual factors such as a lack of time, scarcity of resources and tools, and a multitude of impactful factors.

Participants’ awareness about how to use AR and VR technology, as well as animated visual storytelling, in order to allow learners 
to interact with multimedia scenarios reproducing very different situations. During the entire course, participants are immersed in different scenarios designed by visual storytelling techniques that allow them to practice handling realistic situations, rather than learning facts or techniques out of context. Much like being immersed within a video game, they are challenged by facing real cases within complex scenarios that present a more real wealth of information.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Design and deliver a program enhanced by interactive visualization, augmented and virtual reality, without special glasses.
  2. Know an easy-to-remember mnemonic called Name-Claim-Aim and use it within a number of virtual interactive scenarios.
  3. Identify the roles needed for an effective Crisis Resource Management and a debriefing strategy to use (Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice).

Meet the Presenter:

Fernando Salvetti, MPhil, PhD

Founder and Managing Partner, e-REAL by Logosnet
Fernando Salvetti, MPhil, PhD, is a pioneer in simulation, extended reality (VR, AR, MR, XR) and immersive learning across various sectors and industries including education, healthcare, corporations and international organizations. He is the designer and developer of e-REAL: enhanced reality where virtual and real worlds are merging within an advanced simulation environment that provides both online and real world experiences (without the need for glasses or goggles).

Disclosures: Fernando is the founder and managing partner of e-REAL. There are no conflict of interest nor financial relationships to disclose. Neither the authors, nor their spouses or partners, have had any involvement in the past 12 months with healthcare entities other than their employers.

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Meet the Webinar Host:

Lance Baily, BA, EMT-B

Founder / CEO - HealthySimulation.com
Lance W. Baily, BA, EMT-B is the Founder / CEO of HealthySimulation.com, the world’s leading medical simulation resource website which supports thousands healthcare simulation professionals a month. As an experienced entrepreneur, digital media producer and administrative professional, Lance has the background and the experience necessary to help guide the healthcare simulation industry to greater levels of adoption.

Lance Baily is also the Founder of SimGHOSTS.org, the leading 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals operating clinical simulation technologies which has organized a multitude of hands-on training conferences around the globe since 2011. His new co-edited Book: *Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology, and Innovative Practice provides 400 pages of in-depth articles supporting the technical integration of healthcare simulation in any sized program.*Affiliate link.

Formerly he served as Director of the Nevada System of Higher Education’s Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas, Simulation Technician for the LA Community College District, and volunteer Fire-Fighter, after receiving his BA in Film and Digital Media Production and working on Hollywood production sets. He currently lives with his wife in Las Vegas with their two young daughters and two crazy dachshunds.
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Disclosures: Founder/CEO/Owner of HealthySimulation.com, Founder of SimGHOSTS.org

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